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Dustless Refinish

Classic Floors utilizes a very specialized floor refinishing process. All equipment used in your home is vacuum assisted. This means that 98% of all sawdust created is contained in a system that will leave your home as clean as commercially possible. Floors are sanded 3 times using the German engineered Hummel sanding system. All corners and edges are hand scraped. The floor will be delicately screened to remove all machine marks. Color samples will be placed directly into the floor for your personal approval. Your floors will be stained with a deep penetrating oil stain that will be hand rubbed, the way floors and furniture were stained 100 years ago. 3 coats of a commercial high traffic polyurethane finish will be applied. Classic Floors is known for personal attention to each detail creating the richest and most beautiful floors in Ohio.

Floor Installation

In addition to being one of North Eastern Ohio's largest floor refinishing companies, Classic installs all types of custom hardwood floors. We install prefinished, engineered, and unfinished hardwood .Our showroom in Westlake, is an excellent place to view dozens of American and exotic hardwood species. Our installers are specially trained to work with the most difficult installations including rip out and removal of carpet, tile, vinyl, or even old damaged hardwood. We will also install the hardwood that you have purchased from your own source if required. Typical American wood species include: White Oak, Red oak, Hickory, Maple, Beech, American Cherry, Ash, and pine.

Sub floor Installation

Classic can install new plywood sub flooring systems. This can be a replacement of damaged sub floor or the installation of new. We can also install plywood sub floor on concrete using specialized concrete pins to securely and permanently fasten the sub floor to the concrete.

Trim, Base and Shoe Molding

Classic can install new base board or shoe molding either primed for painting or solid wood for hand staining and finishing. Various styles and sizes are available.

Exotic Flooring Choices

Classic has been procuring the most exotic of hardwood species for many years. We commonly import very rich hardwoood from South American and Africa. Species include Brazilian Cherry, Brazillian Teak, Chestnut, Blood Wood, Wenge, Bamboo, Santos Mahogany and Ebony to name a few. If you have a specific exotic species in mind, we can find it, and supply it.


Fire & Water Damage

Classic Floors has been working with insurance companies and fire water damage restoration companies for many years. Our experience in this area is unique. We are prepared with moisture testing equipment, and know how to get your home back in order as quickly and efficiently as possible. We are particularly skilled in matching old floors to new when replacing or repairing portions of a damaged hardwood floor.



Medallions and Borders

Classic has worked with the most discriminating designers, remodelers, home builders, and homeowners to customize a hardwood floor. Typically, specialty floor designs are created using boarders, frames, and detailed center piece medallions. We can provide catalogs of choices, and photographs to create to most detailed art floors. Floors of this type commonly include several species of wood displaying multiple colors in the floor. So get creative and work with one of our specialists to design your one and only unique floor. Medallions are provided by OshkothDesigns, one of the finest American manufactures of custom boarders, and inlay hardwood floor pieces. Please visit www.oshkoshdesigns.com or brows our medallion gallery to select your custom medallion or boarder.

Medallions and boarders supplied by Oshkoshdesigns

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Floor Medallions           Floor Medallions

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